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Momma, Momma, the Preachers' Comin (eBook)

Momma, Momma, the Preachers' Comin (eBook)


Doreen Brust Johnson
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This is primarily a story of my mother's life as a Homesteader in the barren Canadian wilderness. The winters were long and harsh as she struggles to survive while living on a small, meagre farm. It tells the story of a young mother as she provides for her family. Her strong faith in her Lord gave her strength to carry on each day. When she finds the struggle too deep, no matter what the cost, she realizes she must find a way out. Doreen Johnson was born on August 20th, 1939. She began her life in a log cabin north of Carrot River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents were homesteaders. The family worked long, hard hours clearing the land to provide themselves a meagre existence. Her teen years were spent in the city of Vancouver. After completing grade eleven, she left school working at many jobs but enjoyed most of all her own company, a silk flower business "Adoren Creations". She was encouraged by many family and friends to write a story recalling as best as she could the many interesting aspects of her mother's life. She is now enjoying retirement with her husband and family in Surrey, British Columbia.

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