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Voyage to the Stars: David's First Adventure (eBook)

Voyage to the Stars: David's First Adventure (eBook)


H.I. Douglas

Illustrated by

John Lowe
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David, Christopher and Emily are siblings expanding their knowledge of the world around them as they travel by ship to different islands. In their world, the islands are our present-day constellations. They must learn to survive by faith, through life-altering traumatic events that push their personal and external limits of their physical and spiritual surroundings. They must have faith in each other and faith found through Code-X. They slowly discover that Code-X is more than just a bunch of paper bound together. The more they learn the better their chances of physically surviving in this world. They first explore Draco Island. But did they research enough about the island to know how to survive? Come into their world and learn how to survive as a team. Alone they will perish. Together they just might survive.

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