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Fading Roses

Fading Roses


Awah Oliver Nde (Kevnojev)
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Danny is a very calm, charismatic, intelligent, and popular young man; an eloquent speaker of the School’s Panel Discussion Debates and the Senior Prefect. Of all the ladies who try his hand in love, Danny’s heart finally falls on Rosemary, a Governor’s daughter, after much pressure. When the World AIDS Day Campaign comes up, Danny takes the challenge, to go in for an HIV screening test. Unfortunately, the diagnosis proves positive. Life becomes miserable in School and for Rosemary as he keeps away from everybody. As a result of pressure, Danny is forced to openly tell Rosemary the truth. Also tested positive, she reveals the sure source of her contamination. She was deflowered by a rape action. She tells her closest friends but before long, it explodes. Johnny advises him to make a public confession, to fight stigmatization. Danny’s confession gives Mr. Jerry the courage to make a public confession of his HIV positive status. The Director of the School, friends and the Governor give them all the support necessary to live positively with the Virus. G.C.E Results for that year are released. Danny and Rosemary pass with flying colours but as their friends jubilate, they shed tears, for they see no bright future with AIDS. AIDS is no respecter of persons.

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