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Jack Black: Diminuendo: Voices of Cotton Mouth

Jack Black: Diminuendo: Voices of Cotton Mouth


Will Smith
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Jack Black –Voices of Cotton Mouth is a historical fiction and adventure novel, set in the western United States, 1863 - 1910. Not your typical Black Cowboy story, Jackson Blackburn – better known as Jack Black – is a runaway slave from Cotton Mouth, Mississippi. Escaping thinking he has killed his master in an argument. Running at the time of the civil war, Jack wants to become a Cowboy. Jack is given a map to a silver mine as payment for his services to a dead man. He keeps the map for years, and eventually learns to read. His adventure proves interesting during cattle drives, gunfights, and miscommunicated love affairs. Two zealot flung characters Jacks meets along the way become lifelong friends and share the adventure. Jack ends the adventure by becoming an outstanding educator and founder of a black school for higher education in Georgia.

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