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Kissed by the Damned

Kissed by the Damned


J. R. Stocker
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Sharon remembers nothing of her life from before ten years ago. All she does know is that for the last ten years she has been an immortal slayer and the hunt is what she loves. Though when she starts falling for another her world is turned upside down and torn inside out. Through the death of her seeker, Gabriel she finds that this Kera who she thought so much of is in fact a pure blood vampire. Torn by the wraith of revenge, Sharon finds herself teaming with some unlikely allies on a mission that could very well cost her life. Yet when a mysterious woman by the name of Fontana comes to her claiming to be the sister she had forgotten, memories of who and what she really is begin to come back to her. Life is about remembering where you are from and soon she will remember a life of power that could change the world and end the hunt.

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