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Different Worlds

Different Worlds


Gardiner M Weir
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Kathy is in conflict with her mother over who she should marry – Andrew, who has just graduated as a medical doctor or Alistair, a journalist and the son of her mother’s rich friend and bridge partner. Kathy believes she is in love with Andrew so when Alistair repeatedly insists that they get married she tells him to get lost. Kathy suggests to Andrew that they take a vacation together in Portugal to celebrate his graduation but he refuses claiming that his surgery training begins in a few days. Saddened, Kathy goes alone to Lisbon where, in a strange way, she meets a young Professor of History, Jorge, who is a widower. They become friends. That sets off a further conflict with her mother and the insistent Alistair. In due course Kathy realizes that love exists in different worlds, not just in geography or culture but also in people.

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