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Presentation for AmazonStudios

Presentation for AmazonStudios

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Unthinkable as recently as five years ago. Amazon wins Oscars? For what?

Amazon won 3 Oscars. For films they put their name on. Amazon creates films. They buy them, they distribute them, they air them. Amazon has become a major Hollywood player.

They need new stories, all the time. Because they need films.

Amazon already sells your book in their bookstore. But does their film department know about your story yet?

Amazon wants to win more Oscars in the future. What if your book is that Oscar winning story?

Amazon already has your book at their fingertips, as many copies as they want. The next step is to get the book on the right desk, where the Amazon film people plot their next moves.

We will alert the folks at AmazonStudios to your book, and urge them to give it a good first scan. There's got to be an initial scene there that is gripping enough to catch a filmmaker's attention. This is not so much a matter of whether your book could be adapted into a film but more whether the right people even get to see it!

DISCLAIMER: America Star Books has no affiliation with Amazon, AmazonStudios, and/or their sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations and/or individuals. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion. Oscar is a registered trademark.

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