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Front row position at Book Expo America

Front row position at Book Expo America

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We have limited front row display spaces for books at Book Expo America.

Front row display of your book in our BEA promotion booth means  exactly that. Our front table is the first thing visitors touch. Your book is inches away from their fingers. They pick it up, study the front and back cover, open the book, read passages. They decide whether to buy the book or buy the rights. This is Book Expo America, the nation's most important book trade show.

Space in the front row is very limited. It is the most popular real estate in our booth. Obviously. This is what other publishers, literary agents, media reporters, see and grab first. It is human nature: you pick up what is within arm's reach.

Claim your book's front row position at Book Expo America before it's gone.

Check our Facebook page during the show for live photos and video that show your book's front row display. Also check live reports from Paperback Radio, because they will talk about each front row book.

When all front row display spaces are taken, the option will no longer show as available in our shopping cart.

DISCLAIMER: America Star Books has no affiliation with Book Expo America (May 31-June 2, 2017), and/or any of their sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion.

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