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B&N Discover Presentation

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Barnes and Noble gave their Discover Great New Writers award to two authors this year, one for fiction, the other for nonfiction. Each received $30,000. There were also two runners-up, who received $15,000 each. Two third place winners each received $7,500.

That's a total of $105,000 from the nation's largest bookstore chain. They do this every year, discovering and selecting new writing talent. Each winning book is now being stocked in every Barnes and Noble store.

We are submitting a presentation for Barnes and Noble headquarters, attn. the folks who run their Discover program. Your book will fill a full page in the presentation. Look at this book, Barnes and Noble, we will tell them. Them, that includes their local booksellers nationwide. They nominate books for the Discover Awards. The final winners are picked by two panels of noted authors. We are urging headquarters to share your book with them.

DISCLAIMER: America Star Books has no affiliation with Barnes and Noble, or any of their sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations and/or individuals. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion. Discover Great New Writers is a registered trademark.

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