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Tell Amazon's Publisher about your Book

Tell Amazon's Publisher about your Book

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Lake Union is an Amazon-owned publishing company. Named after the lake that borders Amazon's building in Seattle.

Our mother company has opened a connection with the publisher. And I now want to use that channel to bring your book to Amazon's attention, nominating it to be published by Lake Union.

Authors who are published by one of Amazon's thirteen different imprints are wildly enthusiastic about the editorial quality and the marketing support they receive. Being published by an Amazon company comes with all the bells and whistles of being brought to the attention of millions of Amazon customers. Those books often become bestsellers.

Let us tell Amazon's publisher about you.

Making use of the channel now available to us through our mother company (it was Amazon that initiated the contact), we will submit your work to Lake Union and tell them that a smooth transfer of your book's publishing rights is guaranteed.

DISCLAIMER: America Star Books is owned by WorldWide Words, LLC, a Maryland based media company. WorldWide Words and/or America Star Books have no affiliation with Amazon, Lake Union, and/or its sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations and/or individuals. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion.

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