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Prime Review on Paperback Radio

Prime Review on Paperback Radio

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Paperback Radio, the nation's only live station about books and writers, just interviewed New York Times bestselling author Harriet Lerner. Simon and Schuster sent her to the station. 

Then James Patterson's publisher Hachette sent authors Sam Hawken and Michael Farris Smith to Paperback Radio to be interviewed, HarperCollins sent author Stephanie Morrill, this morning. Harlequin is sending two more.

Do you get it? America's biggest publishers are listening. In the world of radio, it matters who are listening.

Ask us to discuss your book in radio prime time. On the radio, prime time is daytime hours! That's the good news. Here's the better news: Paperback Radio also airs in Europe's prime time, and in Asia and Australia's prime time. Your 10 minutes or so of book review will go all over the world in prime time!

And now you know who are listening during our prime time. America's biggest publishers are listening!

We have reserved airtime on Paperback Radio for your book. We will let you know in advance when you can expect to hear your book being discussed, live. We will also put the sound track on our Facebook page with its 20,600 followers. And you will receive your own copy of the sound track for your personal use at your discretion.

America's big publishers are listening. Talk to them!

DISCLAIMER: Paperback Radio is owned and independently operated by WorldWide Words, LLC, a Maryland based media company who also own America Star Books. Paperback Radio, WorldWide Words, and/or America Star Books have no affiliation with HarperCollins, Hachette, James Patterson, Simon and Schuster, Harlequin, and/or their sponsors or affiliates, and makes no claim to preferential access to or other special treatment from those organizations and/or individuals. America Star Books does not guarantee, represent or imply that you will achieve any result or success by participating in this promotion.

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