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Softluxe paperback conversion

Softluxe paperback conversion

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We can now make a $9.99 edition of your book. It will be made available to all USA booksellers with a $9.99 retail price. We're calling this version a Softluxe paperback.

Some authors have asked us if we could produce a version of their book that can compete on price with other, similar books. Our answer is the new Softluxe paperback version of your book. It will be added to the market side by side with your higher priced softcover so that the consumer can choose. In fact, it will look the exact same as your softcover: same paper and printing quality, same cover stock, same everything. The only differences will be that the back cover shows the lower $9.99 price, a different ISBN and barcode, and the word "Softluxe paperback."

Your question: So what exactly is the difference between my softcover and my Softluxe paperback?
Answer: The much lower retail price; that's all.

Your book now also a 9.99 Softluxe paperback.

Use coupon code Softluxe to reduce your fee from $199 to $59. Our team will create your book's new and inexpensive Softluxe paperback edition and make it available to vendors everywhere. You will of course receive the very first copy of your new Softluxe paperback, fresh from the press, at no extra cost, home-delivered on your doorstep!

DISCLAIMER: If your book counts over 400 pages or is a full color children's book, your Softluxe paperback list price may change just slightly. For questions on the list price please contact us direct.

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