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April-May Book Promo Bundle

April-May Book Promo Bundle

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Spring is here, T-shirt weather is coming up, and people secretly start dreaming about reading a book on the beach.

Here's your April-May book promotion package:

        * 10 T-shirts with a large image of your book. Give 'em away, let others walk your book around!

        * A large 11 x 17 inch poster of your book, laminated, with an easel for upright display.

        * 100 bookmarks, printed on both sides, with where-to-buy info.

With this package you're all set! Book sales pick up each year once springtime has arrived. There's extra hours of daylight that invite readers to curl up with a book before bedtime.

You will get your April-May book promotion package home delivered, on your doorstep: the T-shirts (indicate size, default size is L!), the full-color poster, the one hundred bookmarks! Fun! Action! 

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